Year 9 BRIDGES Program

This unique program to Year 9, the BRIDGES program aims to develop an understanding of our ever-changing world. BRIDGES engages students in Building Resilience, Independence, Dependability and Generosity while pursuing Excellence and developing Self-esteem. Introduced in 2021, students also complete the certified ‘Community Engagement: Collaborating for Change’ course through the University of Michigan as part of BRIDGES.

The four units (Country, Community, City and Change) are designed to encourage students to observe and analyse the challenges in our society and consider how they might contribute to positive change in their community. Through authentic learning experiences, students are supported to engage in deep learning and develop a personal commitment to justice in accordance with the vision and mission of the College.

As part of their BRIDGES units, students will attend a camp at Camp Jungai. This experience provides opportunities for students to immerse themselves in learning about First Nations Peoples of Australia through several culturally focussed activities. The opportunity to work in groups with students that are not in students’ homerooms and people outside of their friendship groups adds an important element to this experience.

The BRIDGES program is rigorous and strategically planned, allowing for the development of skills to enable students to become leaders and change agents, using their voice to make a real difference in their community.