Year 9 BRIDGES Program

The BRIDGES program, undertaken in Year 9, aims to develop in students an understanding of our ever-changing world. The four term based units are designed to encourage students to consider the challenges in our society and how they might contribute to positive change in their community.

Through authentic learning experiences students are supported to engage in deep learning and develop a personal commitment to justice in accordance with the vision and mission of the College. The BRIDGES program utilises the Kildare Ministries Living Justice, Living Peace Charter as a formational document to support and inform student learning and is aligned with the capabilities embedded in the Victorian curriculum framework.

In addition to the four units, students complete the Certificate in Community Engagement: Collaborating for Change from the University of Michigan using the edX online learning platform across Terms 1 to 3 in preparation for creating their ‘Video for Change’. 

The four units that form the BRIDGES curriculum are:

BRIDGES to CountrySustainability and stewardship of God’s creation
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives 
Close the Gap – Indigenous health and education
Study tour to regional Victoria
BRIDGES to CityUncover the city of Melbourne
Who are the marginalised and vulnerable in our city?
The role of NGOs and NFPs
BRIDGES to CommunityThe plight of asylum seekers
Human rights
Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project (BASP)
BRIDGES to ChangeResponding to the changing needs of our world
Develop a growing capacity to engage with empathy
Response – voice and choice
Videos for Change (Film Festival)