Curriculum: Years 11 and 12

At Kilbreda College, our students are encouraged and supported to achieve their potential and to strive for excellence in whichever field of endeavour they choose to pursue.


In Years 11 and 12, students have two pathways to choose from at Kilbreda College; the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the Victorian Certificate of Education: Vocational Major (VCE VM). This enables our students to choose the pathway best suited to their learning style and future pathway.

For detailed information regarding Year 11 and 12 subject offerings and more, view our Year 11 and 12 Course Handbook.

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

VET studies can be incorporated into a VCE or VCE VM program. These studies use the training sector qualifications that are endorsed by the VCAA which were developed by industry. The qualifications are nationally recognised and focus on the development of work related skills and knowledge. These qualifications enhance pathway options to employment, education and further training. There are three studies available at the College and a number can be studied at external providers.

VCE Baccalaureate

The VCE (Baccalaureate) is an additional form of recognition for those students who choose to undertake the demands of studying both a higher level Mathematics and a Language in their VCE program of study.
To be eligible to receive the VCE (Baccalaureate), the student must satisfactorily complete the VCE and receive a study score for each prescribed study component.
The VCE program of study must include:
• A Unit 3 and 4 sequence in English, Literature or English Language with a study score of 30 or above; or a Unit 3 and 4 sequence in EAL with a study score of 33 or above
• A Unit 3 and 4 sequence in either Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics
• A Unit 3 and 4 sequence in a VCE Language
• At least two other Unit 3 and 4 sequences

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)

Religious Education (Religion and Society or Texts and Traditions)Languages
English and/or Literature and/or English LanguageItalian (Units 1 to 4)
ELECTIVE SUBJECTS – Year BasedJapanese (Units 1 to 4)
Visual and Creative ArtsMathematics
Art: Creative Practice (Units 1 to 4)VCE VM Numeracy
Media (Units 1 to 4)Foundation Mathematics (Units 1 to 4)
Art: Making and Exhibiting (Units 1 to 4)General Mathematics (Units 1 to 4)
Visual Communication Design (Units 1 to 4)Mathematical Methods (Units 1 to 4)
Design and TechnologiesSpecialist Mathematics (Units 1 to 4)
Food Studies (Units 1 to 4)Performing Arts
Product Design and Technology (Units 1 to 4)Dance (Units 1 to 4)
Digital TechnologiesDrama (Units 1 to 4)
Applied Computing (Units 1 and 2)Music (Units 1 to 4)
Data Analytics (Units 3 and 4)Music: Contemporary Performance (Units 3 and 4)
Health and Physical EducationMusic: Repertoire Performance (Units 3 and 4)
Health and Human Development (Units 1 to 4)Théâtre Studies (Units 3 and 4)
Physical Education (Units 1 to 4)Science
Humanities Biology (Units 1 to 4)
Accounting (Units 1 to 4)Chemistry (Units 1 to 4)
Business Management (Units 1 to 4)Physics (Units 1 to 4)
Australian Global Politics (Units 1 and 2)Psychology (Units 1 to 4)
Global Politics (Units 3 and 4)VCE / VET*
History (Units 1 and 2)VCE VET Certificate II in Business
History – Revolutions (Units 3 and 4)VCE VET Certificate II in Hospitality
Legal Studies (Units 1 to 4)VCE VET Certificate III in Sport and Recreation
*The VCE VET subjects listed are offered onsite at the College

Victorian Certificate of Education: Vocational Major (VCE VM)

The Victorian Certificate of Education: Vocational Major is a ‘hands-on’ option for students in Years 11 and 12. Students who undertake the VCE VM Certificate are more likely to be interested in going onto training at TAFE, undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship, or getting a job after completing Year 12. The VCE VM is an accredited secondary certificate.

This qualification aims to provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable students to make informed choices regarding pathways to work and further education. VCE VM supports students who wish to participate in a more practical program, while still achieving a senior qualification at the end of six years of secondary schooling.

The VCE VM has four curriculum areas:
• Literacy and Numeracy Skills
• Industry Specific Skills
• Work Related Skills
• Personal Development Skills

At Kilbreda, students can satisfy the requirements of these strands by completing VCE VM units, Vocational Education and Training (VET) units of competency, school initiated experiences such as community service or practical projects, and through structured workplace learning and part-time work.