At the College, we have adopted many sustainable solutions such as the provision of Fair-Trade coffee and tea in our staff rooms, installation of energy efficient appliances (heating/cooling), replacement of LED lighting through all buildings, utilisation of rain water tanks and for all new builds, we always add solar panelling. We are also looking at ways to increase our composting capabilities..

ResourceSmart School

We are taking action to become a more environmentally sustainable school through a Victorian Government initiative called ResourceSmart Schools.

ResourceSmart Schools is a program that helps our school embed sustainability in everything we do. We are aiming to reduce our resource use (electricity, waste and water) plus support Indigenous plants and animals. This will also help us to save money. We also want to involve students, families and other members of our College and our local community.

We are working with the CERES Community Environment Park on the actions of the core module. This year, we are aiming to create a strong foundation for our Sustainability Program and continue to build on our sustainability achievements. We will monitor our resource use by using a free website called ResourceSmart Online and improve our waste systems.

We cannot wait to share our achievements with you and contribute to a sustainable future for all. You can find out further information regarding ResourceSmart Schools at

Foreshore Program

Since 2004, several of our Year 8 students visit the Mentone Foreshore monthly to participate in the ‘Foreshore Program’. During their time in the program, the students learn valuable information from the City of Kingston in regard to cleaning and preserving the foreshore for the many people that utilise it and the wild and sea life who inhabit it. The sessions include removing rubbish and planting indigenous vegetation. It is a very rewarding program for students to see the many thriving plants, planted by students before them and the positive impact that they are making.

Sustainability Group

We have an active and passionate Sustainability Group here at the College. Each year, Student Leaders are elected from each year level. Their role is to promote awareness of environmental and sustainability issues both locally and globally, and to encourage actions that result in more sustainable use of resources. In 2021, we expanded our school vegetable garden and look forward to students using this resource to learn about growing food and composting.

We also have a group of staff, both teachers and non-teaching staff, who have joined the group and are keen to help implement changes to improve Sustainability at our College and the wider community.

Student Blog

Our Year 9 Environmental Science students are working on various projects in order to make changes at the College. They look forward to sharing their ideas and progression thorough this Sustainability Blog, which we encourage those interested to check back on regularly.