Partnership with St Bede’s

St Bede’s College is a Catholic boys secondary school founded within the Lasallian tradition. It is located in Bayside Mentone, approximately 10 minutes walk from our College.


Our education partnership with St Bede’s College in Mentone, provides co-educational learning opportunities for our Year 11 and 12 students. For many years, a number of our VCE students have attended classes at St Bede’s College (e.g. Environmental Science) and in turn, some of the St Bede’s students have studied on site at Kilbreda (e.g. Drama). This partnership allows students to access a wider range of subjects in the senior years.


Our Year 9 students also have many opportunities for social activities with the students from St Bede’s College. This includes a series of ‘learn to dance’ classes that culminate in a Year 9 Social, a highlight in the students’ social calendars.

Both Colleges also come together for a Trivia Afternoon, among other opportunities that allow for social interaction between the students.  

There are also a number of cocurricular opportunities for students to work together across the Performing Arts. This includes the potential for our senior music students to combine with the musicians in the St Bede’s College Wind Symphony and perform in their concerts.

In addition, each year both Colleges host a Junior and Senior production, whereby all students are invited to audition.

In 2020, Kilbreda and St Bede’s introduced a combined annual Indigenous Immersion program where students learn about the history and traditions of the Bunurong people on the Mornington Peninsula.