Student Resources


The Library holds a central place in the life of the College. Here students and teachers gather to share learning and the love of reading.

Our Library, Our Community

The Kilbreda College Library mission is to support the core values of our Brigidine school in fostering compassion, courage, hope, hospitality, justice and wonder into our teaching, our pastoral care and our services to the College community. The Library underpins the Strategic Intention that “Together we will inspire a passion for life long and reflective learning where all learners flourish, and engage with the deep questions of life.” 


The Library provides welcoming and safe spaces to our students, teachers and staff as well as members of the wider college community to read, learn, study, teach, discover, meet, play, perform, discuss, create and research in an inclusive and stimulating learning environment. Our Library spaces are available for college co-curricular activities, including ‘Book Week’, ‘Write  Book in a Day’ and clubs for ‘Book Talk’, chess and films as well as regularly showcasing student work from many areas of the curriculum.

Research Resources

The Library provides the College curriculum with timely and contemporary learning and research resources in both physical and digital formats. Our curated resources facilitate robust ‘Information Literacy’; supporting the students to continually question the validity and sources of information, viewpoints and ideas.

See details of our resources in the ‘Library Resources Brochure’ below.


Our generous fiction collection supports wide reading choices for the college community. Students are encouraged to read and are guided to select books appropriate to their age and interests. Years 7, 8 and 9 have a ‘Reading Connections’ class with a Teacher Librarian once per cycle that is embedded within their English program. The ‘Reading Connections’ program aims to immerse students in literature, broaden their imagination, deepen their empathy with the world around them and increase their reading fluency.

The Library is an arena of possibility, opening both a window into the soul and a door onto the world Rita Dove