Co-curricular Program


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM uses project based learning to holistically foster students’ skills in creativity, design thinking, collaboration and problem solving. Modern life is filled with STEM invented products: mobile phones, electric cars, video games, virtual reality, Fit-Bits, to name a few.

At Kilbreda College, our students are the inventors. They have many opportunities to participate in a number of co-curricular activities and learn firsthand what it is like to create something extraordinary in our contemporary world.

Techbots Robotics Club

Our Techbots club are busy every Friday lunchtime, with some members building and programming the EV3 robot, coding micro:bits and building and programming their robots. Other members enjoy the time and the resources of the STEM Room to work on their Digital Technologies work and explore a variety of software.

Students from all year levels join this club, helping each other and sharing in their enjoyment of technology.


Our newly developed facility is a dedicated space for all STEM activities. This specialist room provides students with a space to participate in the programing of robots, coding micro:bits and utilising green screen technology.

NASA Space Camp

Each year STEM enthusiasts are offered the opportunity to participate in a two-week journey to Houston Texas for Space Camp. In partnership with the Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia, our students have the unique opportunity to join other girls on this once in a lifetime experience at NASA.

Enrichment Opportunities

We encourage our students to participate and take up the opportunities that are available, particularly when run by or in conjunction with local universities.

Some of these opportunities include:
• Monash University ‘Women in STEM Entrepreneurship (WISE) Program’
• Monash University ‘Year 8 Engineering Challenge’
• The University of Melbourne ‘Girl Power Engineering and IT Program’
• ‘Go Girls for IT Conference’
• STEM MAD Challenge