Brigid Awards

The prestigious peer-nominated Brigid Awards are presented to two students at each year level every year who demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Show Strength and Kindliness
  • Are aware of and welcome students, staff and visitors to the College Community
  • Have a positive approach to Kilbreda and the life of the College
  • Take time to make a difference in the classroom
  • Are involved in school initiatives
  • Encourage others to achieve their goals
  • Celebrate other’s achievements
  • Work in partnerships with members of the College Community

2021 Brigid Award Recipients

In 2021, the following students were awarded Brigid Awards:

Year 7Rhiannan Marie-JeanneBridget Monaghan
Year 8Annabelle ChapmanNikita McFayden
Year 9Nyrie BedikianKiara McGaw
Year 10Rachel JonesHannah Kotow
Year 11Maya DearAngelina Stefanopoulos
Year 12Sarah MolinCathy Truong