Past Pupils

Reunions and Events

An important part of the role of the Past Pupils’ Network Committee is to assist Past Pupils in connecting with former students from their time at Kilbreda and with the wider College community.

One way the committee can assist, is with the planning and organising of reunions. Each year a number of groups, hold a reunion, particularly a half decade or decade reunion (e.g. 10 year, 20 year, 25 year). Some of these reunions are held solely at the College, whilst other reunions include a visit to the College initially and then move on to another venue to continue celebrations.

If you would like to include the College in your celebration, we can commence your visit with drinks and nibbles, conduct school tours, reconnect with past staff members and take a trip up to the top of the Tower.

We look forward to receiving your enquiries and assisting you with your reunions. Please contact the committee on 

Tower Plaques

Would you like to have your name placed on an individual plaque, which is displayed in the College Tower among many other past pupils?

Then we invite you to consider ordering a Tower Plaque, a lasting memento of your time at the College.

The plaques are brass (11cm x 7cm) and are $25 each.