Past Pupils of Distinction


The following nominees have all achieved outstanding success and excellence in their category / categories of nomination. They will all automatically be eligible for induction into future programs and therefore do not need to be re-nominated.


Sister Margaret Cassidy csb – Class of 1952Catherine Clifford (née Grech) – Class of 1986
Tracy-Anne Collins – Class of 2006Katie Ditchburn – Class of 1997
Kristen Dorian (née Holmes) – Class of 1986Lynette Jorissen (née Vickers) – Class of 1992
Natalie Karamanis (née Allcock) – Class of 1997Denise Leonard (née Morrissey) – Class of 1961
Fiona McCormack AM – Class of 1980Vikki Petraitis (née Burke) – Class of 1983
Joanne Podlena (née Borg) – Class of 1986Daniela Ruberto (née Romei) – Class of 1987
Sister Angela Ryan csb – Class of 1955Sister Reba Woodwiss csb – Class of 1955


Doctor Madeline Buck – Class of 2009Suzie Byrne – Class of 1998
Simone De La Rue – Class of 1992Noeleen Dix AM – Class of 1974
Morag Fraser – Class of 1962Doctor Mauricette Hamilton (née Duffy) – Class of 1962
Kate Ingram (née Smyth) – Class of 1993Doctor Rosemarie Joyce csb – Class of 1963
Angela Nolan – Class of 1986Beverley O’Callaghan (née Cullen) – Class of 1950
Marcella Reiter (née McMahon) – Class of 1978Doctor Amy Swanson – Class of 1997


Andrea Foxworthy – Class of 1992Belinda Gray – Class of 1997
Joanne King (née Johnston) – Class of 1976Doctor Jenna Kraska (née Van Gramberg) – Class of 2004
Kim McGrath – Class of 1979Associate Professor Monica O’Kelly – Class of 196
Louise Prichard – Class of 1987Doctor Clare Rhoden (née Knuppel) – Class of 1973
Michelle Simmonds (née Huver) – Class of 2005Stacie Woods – Class of 2011