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You Can Sit with Me

Year 7 Level Leader, Ms Leah Cristiano, launched the “You Can Sit with Me” program at the College last year as a component of the larger Transition Program. This initiative allows Year 7 ‘Sit with Me’ Ambassadors to provide a safe space for people who may need a place to sit during breaks and to recommend them to a teacher if they feel like they need further support. The ambassadors are instructed on what to do and say if someone approaches them to sit, however they are under no obligation to offer advice or intervene in a problem. Students applied for this leadership position at the beginning of this term and were recently selected for this incredibly important role. We congratulate Mia K, Zoe S, Sophie D, Andie M, Grace J, Imogen H, Milla T, Allirah M, Ava T, Amy C and Lucy G. We thank this group for taking the time to step up and be a part of this program – future leaders right there!