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Year 8 Camp

Recently, as part of Triple E Week, our Year 8 students participated in a 3-day Adventure Camp. Here, they were given the chance to have a real adventure, embrace challenges and escape their comfort zones! Level Leader, Bill Fitzsimons congratulated the students for being brave – “For those who found everything easy, I can only say well done. For those who found everything hard, but had a go and completed the challenges, you should be exultant!” Whether it was abseiling down a wall that was 30 feet high, letting go on a sheer drop slide or climbing up high ropes, everything was a little scary and hard at times. All the Year 8 students should be really proud of themselves! Next time they face a challenge and every time thereafter, we encourage them to remember their time on Year 8 Camp; the camp that showed them what they were capable of and showed that what they may have thought previously were limitations, were in fact opportunities to challenge themselves!