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Year 7 Music

Music is a skill that lasts a lifetime, remaining with an individual throughout various seasons. For many people, music often becomes the one consistent element of life that brings wonder and joy. The Music Program at the College is staffed by music tutors who are all highly skilled musicians. They offer personalised mentorship, guiding our students not only in technical development but also fostering musicianship, nurturing an appreciation for music and honing performance skills. Each year, our Year 7 students are invited to try the suite of instruments on offer for private tuition within the program. Last Friday, they navigated through the various stations trialling instruments from wind and strings to guitar, percussion, piano, and voice. It was amazing to see students who had never experienced these instruments having a go. We are still offering spots in our Year 7 Band Academy with brand new, high quality instruments available to hire and look forward to welcoming students into this program.