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Year 12 Formal

A Night to Remember! As the first week of school came to an end, the highly anticipated Year 12 Formal took place at Merrimu Receptions in Murrumbeena. It was an evening full of glamour, celebration and camaraderie for our Class of 2024. There was a real buzz when students arrived, dressed in their finest attire, each outfit reflecting their unique style and personality. After a delicious meal and the announcement of annual awards, the DJ set the stage for an unforgettable night. Students (and staff) enjoyed dancing to the classics and modern hits and the energy was high. Year 12 Level Leader, Sue Dempster showed off her timeless moves and enjoyed the fun moments with her cohort! Events like this are months of planning and we thank members of the organising committee for preparing a night that exceeded all expectations. We also thank all students and partners for the exemplary behaviour shown whilst celebrating friendship and bonds in preparation for their important year ahead.