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Vinnies School Sleepout

On Friday night, a number of Year 9 and 12 students, led by Principal, Nicole Mangelsdorf, Assistant Principals, Jane Ward and Stephanie Smyth, as well as Living Justice and Level Leader: Year 12, Trish Moloney, chose to spend the night sleeping at the College under less-than-ideal conditions. Some outside, others on meeting room floors, the purpose was to raise both awareness and vital funds for Vinnies Victoria for their Winter Sleepout. Nicole, reflecting on the experience, expressed her pride in our students. “At Kilbreda we want our students to be women of action, making positive contributions to our world through their voice and actions. I’m so proud of our students and staff who together raised over $11,000 for Vinnies by ‘sleeping rough’ last night at the College. ‘Strength and Kindliness’ in action!” The funds raised will significantly contribute to Vinnies Victoria and their ongoing support for the most vulnerable in our local communities, benefiting so many individuals in need. We thank all participants and our College community for their support with these initiatives.