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VCE VM Projects

Throughout this term, our VCE VM students have been participating in projects that foster connections within our local community while also extending their assistance to those further afield. The Year 11 students commenced their partnership with prep students from St Patrick’s Primary School, Mentone. In this collaboration, they have designed and conducted lessons to enhance the fine motor skills and social development of the prep students. Meanwhile, our Year 12 students visited the FareShare kitchens as part of their Enrichment Day program. FareShare organises nutritious, cost-free meals for individuals in need. With the current landscape, cost of living and ongoing repercussions of the pandemic, the demand for meal assistance has never been higher. During their session they prepared over 350 meals. More recently, our classes ran successful bake sales with funds raised going to Saltbush Balnarring, who continue the vision established by the Presentation Sisters in 1989. Saltbush welcomes people experiencing hardship for a restorative holiday, program or retreat. We commend our VCE VM students and their teachers for their dedication, as they often go above and beyond the classroom walls to help others.