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VCE Drama – Unit 3

At the College, we want our students to have the confidence to shape their own futures, to be brave, and not perfect. This week, our Unit 3 Drama students highlighted the perils associated with the unrelenting pursuit of flawlessness and the negative impacts it can have on an individuals’ mental health and wellbeing, in their original and powerful portrayal of ‘The Pursuit of Perfectionism‘. To create and deliver this devised ensemble performance, our students were required to use research and improvisation to explore how social media, the education system and a heavy emphasis on academic performance and a culture of competition, can lead to a sense of worthlessness and inadequacy. We congratulate all students involved and their teacher, Ms Marnie Kavanagh. Thank you for highlighting the importance of breaking free from the shackles that hinder our happiness, embracing our vulnerabilities and letting go of the desire to achieve the unattainable.