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VCAL Numeracy Projects

A core component of VCAL, our ‘hands-on’ learning program for Year 11 and 12 students is a focus on Numeracy Skills. Over the last month, the Intermediate and Senior VCAL classes have been learning about the cost of purchasing different grocery items compared to the cost of making the gifts and cooking. One project was to produce a ‘Cookie Gift Jar’. VCAL Student, Giulia C, found this practical exercise “fun to make. I really liked being able to incorporate Mathematics into cooking and creating something special for our loved ones”. Each student created a beautiful jar with an instruction card and a decorative finish to gift to a significant person in their lives. The intermediate class further put their price comparison skills to the test by working out the cost of making a batch of pancakes. Students cooked their pancakes and ended with the best part…choosing the toppings!