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Tomorrow’s Leaders

At Kilbreda we are committed to providing opportunities to grow tomorrow’s leaders today. We prioritise instilling the values and skills necessary for active leadership and community contribution across all aspects of school life. Beyond our internal leadership opportunities, we love to celebrate what our students are undertaking outside the College.

Did you know that in Year 7, we have three students representing the City of Kingston? Kiara M serves as a Junior Councillor, Vanessa C as Deputy Junior Mayor and Alexandra S as Junior Mayor. These three students were peer-nominated last year and are serving for the 2023/2024 term. To be elected they delivered presentations on the topic, “What three initiatives would you create to support mental health for young people in Kingston?” During their term so far, they have learnt valuable knowledge of the local government and the democratic process, whilst gaining leadership and presentation skills. They meet once a month and discuss topics of importance to the community and have been a part of many events including citizen ceremonies, festivals and more recently, International Women’s Day. As they prepare to hand over their positions to new youth councillors in May, we would like to commend Kiara, Vanessa and Alexandra for their impactful contributions and being a voice for young people today!