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Support our Sustainable Schools Fundraiser

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Australian zero-waste company, Zero Co. Zero Co create personal-care and home-cleaning products (minus all the single use plastic!) As the first Victorian School to partner with Zero Co, we are so excited to launch an incredible initiative that our College community can get involved with.

During the next four weeks, for every product sold via our unique ‘Sustainable Schools’ Kilbreda webpage, Zero Co will pull 1kg of rubbish out of the ocean for every $10 that is raised. If you support this campaign, not only will you receive beautiful products, you will also be helping Zero Co’s mission, to “Untrash the Planet” and supporting the initiatives of our Sustainably Leader, Dr Sarah Avitabile and her Student Leaders, which will benefit all students, staff and the planet!

To find out more about Zero Co and purchase your products, visit

NB: Products will be shipped for free directly to our College and will need to be collected at a time to be advised).