Our Stories

Adrienne Donoghue
Learning Leader: Digital Technologies

As a past pupil myself, I am very passionate about providing students with the high quality experiences I received as part of my education at the College. I’m so proud of being part of a learning and teaching community with such a rich history! I also really want to help students learn about the new and emerging technologies that did not quite exist when I was here!

I love teaching in an environment where everyone’s talents and passions are recognised and celebrated. From building and programming robots, playing in a band or school production, dancing on the stage during Brigidine Day or learning a fantastic language like Japanese, there are so many wonderful opportunities for everyone here at our College.

In my Digital Technologies (DTE) learning area, in Years 7 to 9, we provide opportunities for our students to be involved in programming/coding, game design, animation, web design, 3D printing, data visualisation, movie making and robotics. Where possible, we aim to encourage the use of industry standard software (e.g. Adobe products and software such as Unity). Students are also introduced to a range of Google Apps for Learning such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms, all of which are designed to promote collaborative ways of working.

In Year 10, we offer a specialist Programming, Gaming and Web Design course as an elective. VCE Applied Computing and Data Analytics are offered at the senior levels. We also run an optional enhancement Techbots Club for students interested in further extending their digital technologies skills.