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Science Week

Last week we celebrated Science Week, which nurtured the love of Science that so many of our students have. Everyone was encouraged to participate in the immersive activities throughout the week including a highlight, the ‘Amazing (Science) Race’. This saw teams completing a series of challenges and puzzles that were both challenging and hilarious! Year 8 students, Madeline R and Verity W were victorious on the day. On Tuesday, taste buds tingled with the crowd favorite, Sherbet Making. Mix a little flavour, icing sugar, bi-carb and citric acid and you have the very popular sweet treat! Wednesday hosted the Women in STEM Morning Tea, on Thursday, Wall-E was shown and the week ended with the students recalling as many elements as they could for the ‘Periodic Table Competition’! Congratulations winner, Kara G (Year 7) who recited all 118 of them. AMAZING!!! A special mention to Yuhan H (Year 12) who recited 117, Emily C (Year 12) who recited 100 and Phoebe O T (Year 10) who got to 86!