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Scholars of Distinction

Yesterday we officially welcomed our Year 7 students into the College community at the Term 1 Assembly. They looked so proud processing into ‘A Million Dreams’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’. We look forward to watching them develop and grow. The assembly also recognised the academic achievements of our Scholars of Distinction and we commissioned our new Student Leaders. In her Principal’s Address, Nicole Mangelsdorf spoke about our College theme, ‘Hope: Bringing a sense of purpose’ and emphasised the importance of this in the history of the College. She touched on St Brigid, Daniel Delany and the Brigidine Sisters all embodying this core value and encouraged the students to have hope with a clear sense of purpose. “A sense of purpose gives our lives direction and meaning, guiding us towards our goals and aspirations”. After the Scholars of Distinction were announced, 2023 College Dux, Hayley Meure shared a passionate speech around STEM, particularly women in STEM and the challenges and adversities they face. She encouraged the student body to delve into subjects like Physics and Mathematics a little further and to challenge societal norms. Great advice, particularly for those who may need extra motivation to try something a little different. She also shared advice for those that may feel overwhelmed in the senior years, “rest is not time wasted”. We thank Hayley for sharing these inspirational words. Finally, we congratulate our new 2024 Student Leaders and look forward to the initiatives they bring forward this year.