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Scholars of Distinction Assembly

It is always an exciting time at the College when we invite back our ‘Scholars of Distinction’ from the previous year to celebrate our first school assembly. Today we recognised the academic achievements of students in 2021 and we commissioned our student leaders for 2022. Our entire Class of 2021 deserve recognition for their hard work, resilience, perseverance and flexible attitude that achieved great results in what was a very challenging two years! In her acceptance speech, 2021 College Dux, Kara Miwa-Dale, shared advice on maintaining balance and recharging and “running your own race” in the VCE. Such sound advice from Kara who was so measured and humble in her delivery.

I encourage you to focus on your own journey, and what you can personally control, which is the effort that you put in each day. Kara Miwa-Dale, Dux

College Principal, Ms Nicole Mangelsdorf, before commissioning our Student Leaders for 2022, spoke about our College theme, Compassion and what truly living with compassion means. “I encourage you to think about how our College, our community, our world might be different if we all lived with compassion and intentionally reached out to and assisted those who we see suffering.” It was certainly a thought-provoking and inspiring day for all.