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Scholars of Distinction and Leadership Assembly

Today we recognised the academic achievements of our Scholars of Distinction and we commissioned our new Student Leaders for 2023. Our students are our greatest assets and we are extremely proud of the entire Class of 2022 and those who worked tirelessly to encourage and guide them throughout their time at the College. In her Principal’s Address, Ms Nicole Mangelsdorf spoke about our College theme, ‘Courage – walking and acting with integrity’. It was particularly fitting for our Class of 2022 as they begin the next phase of their lives.

I encourage you to think about how our community, our world, could be different if we all choose courage over fear and used our actions to advocate for ourselves and others and always do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Nicole Mangelsdorf, Principal

Later, in her address to the student body, filled with humour, tips and advice, 2022 College Dux, Siorcha Creaton touched on maintaining balance, continuing the things you love, embracing those around you and keep doing what works for you!

If a technique or schedule is working for you now, keep doing it – you don’t need to change anything. There is no right way to manage time or study habits. Siorcha Creaton, 2022 Dux

Great advice for those feeling overwhelmed, particularly in the senior years. What an inspiring day for all students. We look forward to hearing more stories from our Class of 2022 as they begin new adventures and the changes and initiatives that our new 2023 Student Leaders will implement this year.