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Our students engage daily in reading across a diverse array of genres, enriching their literary experiences, expanding their imaginations and deepening their empathy for others. Reading not only connects them to their personal experiences and other literature they’ve encountered but also to broader social issues. Wider reading also increases reading fluency together with the use of more sophisticated vocabulary. In our wonderful Library, students have a multipurpose space where they can participate in reading groups and collaborative or quiet study. This term, our Year 7 students have been encouraged to look at how the ‘Novels in Verse’ format can add emphasis and interest to a story. Our Year 8 students have examined the portrayal of teenagers in ‘Coming of Age’ stories and our Year 9 students have explored the depiction of alternative realities across various genres including graphic novels, dystopian tales, science fiction, horror and fantasy. Our students follow a research-based reading routine that includes free choice reading, Silent Sustained Reading (SSR), which helps the students to focus and be absorbed in their reading. Furthermore, our reading circles promote conversations and discussions which are both teacher and student led.