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Pi Day

Who knew that you could have so much fun with the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter but we did! Last Thursday was national ‘Pi Day’, of course occurring on 14 March or 3/14 (3.14!) and we could not wait to celebrate with our STEM loving students. The turnout in the STEM Room was incredible as students were challenged to recite Pi to as many decimal places as they possibly could. Staff and students had a lot of laughs remembering the numbers with the help of the Pi song! Congratulations to our Top Four reciters – Caitlyn S (100 Places!!!), Lauren V (87), Hayley C (81) and Indigo M (75). Kara G, Bridget V, Mali S, Darcy C, Mienge S and also Co-Captains, Alicia and Lola, with their fabulous joint effort rounded out our Top 10!