Past Pupils of Distinction Nominees

The following incredible nominees have all achieved outstanding success and excellence in their category / categories of nomination as a Past Pupil of Distinction.

They will all automatically be eligible for induction into future programs and therefore do not need to be re-nominated every second year.

Sister Margaret Cassidy csb
Class of 1952
Doctor Madeline Buck
Class of 2009
Andrea Foxworthy
Class of 1992
Catherine Clifford
(née Grech)
Class of 1986
Suzie Byrne
Class of 1998
Belinda Gray
Class of 1997
Tracy-Anne Collins
Class of 2006
Simone De La Rue
Class of 1992
Joanne King
(née Johnston)
Class of 1976
Katie Ditchburn
Class of 1997
Noeleen Dix AM
Class of 1974
Doctor Jenna Kraska
(née Van Gramberg)
Class of 2004
Kristen Dorian
(née Holmes)
Class of 1986
Morag Fraser
Class of 1962
Kim McGrath
Class of 1979
Lynette Jorissen
(née Vickers)
Class of 1992
Doctor Mauricette Hamilton
(née Duffy)
Class of 1962
Associate Professor Monica O’Kelly
Class of 1967
Natalie Karamanis
(née Allcock)
Class of 1997
Kate Ingram
(née Smyth)
Class of 1993
Louise Prichard
Class of 1987
Denise Leonard
(née Morrissey)
Class of 1961
Doctor Rosemarie Joyce csb
Class of 1963
Doctor Clare Rhoden
(née Knuppel)
Class of 1973
Fiona McCormack AM
Class of 1980
Angela Nolan
Class of 1986
Michelle Simmonds
(née Huver)
Class of 2005
Vikki Petraitis
(née Burke)
Class of 1983
Beverley O’Callaghan
(née Cullen)
Class of 1950
Stacie Woods
Class of 2011
Joanne Podlena
(née Borg)
Class of 1986
Marcella Reiter
(née McMahon)
Class of 1978
Daniela Ruberto
(née Romei)
Class of 1987
Doctor Amy Swanson
Class of 1997
Sister Angela Ryan csb
Class of 1955
Sister Reba Woodwiss csb
Class of 1955