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National STEM Day

We are so blessed at the College to have such proactive leaders and staff within our Science, Digital Technologies and Mathematics Learning Areas, who provided numerous opportunities for our students to build on or further develop their interest in STEM through our rich curriculum and co-curricular offerings.

A recent project that our Year 9 students completed was to design, build and test a solar oven. Students were asked to develop an oven constructed from recycled materials to cook some food. The project incorporated the Science concepts of energy transfer and a Design component requiring detailed diagrams and description of materials. Students voted on the success of their learning with over 80% agreeing the task was enjoyable! Feedback included, “I feel by doing this assignment instead of a normal test, I had to use my theory knowledge of the topic, which ended up making me remember the content much more in comparison to studying for a test”. By making STEM enjoyable we can spark a lifetime of interest in this crucial field.