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Language and Culture Day

Recently all Year 8 students enjoyed an immersive Language and Culture Day where they engaged in various workshops highlighting the languages they are studying at the College: Italian, French and Japanese. The day was filled with vibrant activities and cultural experiences. Students studying Italian savored the culinary craft of pizza making (and tasting – the highlight!), explored an art session that mirrored Michelangelo’s techniques in painting the Sistine Chapel and embraced traditional Southern Italian dances, particularly the ‘Tarantella’. Our French learners experienced the delicious world of French cuisine through quiche making (and, of course, tasting!) alongside an art experience delving into French impressionism techniques using watercolours. Lastly, our students studying Japanese gained valuable insights from Manga artist, Kenny Chan, who led an interactive workshop. They also enjoyed delightful Japanese treats including Mochi. We acknowledge our Learning Leader: Languages, Giovanni Di Fabrizio and his wonderful team for planning this celebration of diversity and providing our students with the opportunity to immerse themselves deeper into various cultures.