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Kilbreda Women in STEM lunch

Today we celebrated our inaugural ‘Kilbreda Women in STEM lunch’. This celebration saw a number of our past pupils sharing their breadth of wisdom around working and studying in male dominated fields with current middle and senior students who have shown interest in these areas. Coordinated by our Learning Leaders of Science and Digital Technologies, Ms Jacinta Devlin and Ms Adrienne Donoghue and our incredible STEM Leaders, the afternoon consisted of a delicious lunch, two informative panels, a Q&A and a lot of fun! Both practical and academic advice was provided and we commend our past pupils for sharing their stories in how they are helping to achieve a world in which STEM is pursued in equal measure by both men and women. We heard from past pupils who are Radiologists and Engineers and others who are currently completing degrees in Information Technology, Science, Information Systems, Computer Science and many more. Our current students had the opportunity to ask questions and appreciated the insights into university life and some of the tips and tricks to use with subject selection, should they go down that path. We look forward to running the event in 2023 to continue to foster the talents and passion that many of our students hold in STEM.