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Instrumental Music Program

Each year, our Year 7 students are invited to try the suite of instruments on offer for private tuition within our Instrumental Music Program at the College. There are so many benefits to learning a musical instrument, it builds confidence, cognitive development, fosters creativity and improves health and wellbeing! On Friday, students moved around the Music School trialing various instruments from the string, percussion and brass families to name a few. Most importantly, students had the opportunity to meet our highly experienced musicians and teachers who are experts in their field. As part of their Instrumental Music Program they undertook a Music test and are encouraged to attend the ‘Welcome to Music’ evening next Tuesday with families. Here, guests will be treated to performances by our Senior Ensemble and past pupil and tutor, Samantha Hargreaves (2015). They will hear more about the Instrumental program including the Music Camp, a highlight each year to maximise skill development and to enhance social and ensemble skills.