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House Swimming Carnival

Last Monday we held our House Swimming Carnival for the first time at Oakleigh Recreation Centre and had our best participation rate in years! Our Year 7 and 8 students particularly were so enthusiastic and lined up for as many races as they could to help earn points for their House. In a wonderful sea of creative costumes in red, green, blue and yellow, our Year 12 students also took every opportunity to have that ‘one last race!’ After a close start in the morning, Brigid maintained a small lead over Delany by a matter of points, before claiming a well-earned victory! It was the first time Brigid House has won a House Swimming Carnival since 2013. Our House Leaders were very proud of everyone’s collective efforts and their incredible House spirit and sense of comradery and look forward to the upcoming House Athletics Carnival.

You can see more images from this event in our Photo Gallery on 3 March