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Homlessness Week

This week is Homelessness Week, which aims to raise awareness of the impact of homelessness in Australia. At the College, our core values of Compassion and Justice call for us to walk with and have empathy for others and to make the needs of the vulnerable paramount. One particularly vulnerable group are those experiencing homelessness. Educating our students to understand social issues such as this and encouraging them to bring about positive change through their words and their actions is something we are strongly committed to. This term, our Year 9 ‘BRIDGES to City’ program is just one example where our students learn about homelessness in the City of Melbourne. This week, they participated in an experiential educational session with ‘The Big Issue’ and ‘The Intersection’. In the classroom, Principal, Nicole Mangelsdorf, heard about their inquiry task which is centred around walking in solidarity with the most marginalised of society. A key topic was what causes people to experience homelessness and how the situation could be improved.