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High School Musical JR – Tickets Available

Today our cast and crew of ‘High School Musical JR’ had the chance to shine in front of their first two audiences made up of students from our priority parish schools. It was wonderful to see happy faces coming out of the Auditorium and to hear the chatter about ‘Who was the Tiger?’ and children singing the closing number. Directed by Ms Cara Mitchell and Ms Nicole Everett, with the support of other members of staff, this junior production is largely student driven on all levels. We are so proud, not only of our incredibly talented cast of performers, but also our fabulous student interns! They have been working long hours for the last five months to turn our College into ‘East High’! We still have a number of tickets remaining, particularly on the evenings of 16 and 17 July. Tickets can be purchased via “Goooooooooo Wildcats!”