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Harmony Week

Harmony Week is a much-anticipated annual event at the College. Regardless of different genders, cultures, backgrounds and religious faith traditions, fun was had, experiences shared, new respect forged, and new friends made. This morning the school was awash with the colour orange as students participated in an extraordinary assembly on themes of peace and harmony, with prayers, stories, reflections, and music encouraging students to live the Harmony Week theme each day of ‘Everyone Belongs.’ A highlight of the assembly was students leading prayer in their families’ native languages. Thank you to students who were willing to translate and read out prayers: Eliza S (Vietnamese), Lara M (Arabic), Olivia P (Greek), Daniela C (Spanish), Freya J and Indira A (Indian) and Sarah H (Irish). We also congratulate our wonderful Community Action Leaders who designed and led our Harmony Week initiatives. Many thanks to Brooke C (Year 11), who delivered an outstanding presentation on the importance of Harmony Week and how we can create beautiful pockets of harmony and unity which transcends difference and diversity.