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First Nations Immersion

Recently, nine Year 9 students, along with two staff members, participated in the Kildare Ministries First Nations Immersion as part of their commitment to Reconciliation. Representatives from other Kildare Ministries schools joined our students in Echuca, where they, in the words of two students, “embarked on a transformative journey”. The three-day immersion provided the students with the opportunity to learn from First Nations elders and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous cultures and perspectives. They had the privilege of meeting and learning from Aunty Donna, Aunty Denise, Aunty Hilda and Aunty Greta, who shared their life experiences. The students learned about the injustices in the education system and the inequality faced by First Nations people. They also learned about significant places such as the Murray River, a gathering spot for eating, singing and playing for thousands of years. Additionally, they explored the connection to land and participated in group activities. Each participant left with a greater understanding of hope and actions that can be taken as we approach Reconciliation Week.