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Feast of St Brigid

Today we joyously commemorate the feast day of St Brigid of Kildare, Patroness of the Sisters of St Brigid and our College. We are so proud to uphold her enduring legacy and honour her heritage. This year is of particular significance aligning with ‘Brigid1500’, a global programme of events that celebrate St Brigid’s lasting legacy in the anniversary year of her death. This also coincides with our 120th year of educating students in the Brigidine tradition and the 10 year anniversary of Kildare Ministries.

St Brigid, a woman of profound faith, served as a spiritual leader, caretaker of the land, advocate for the marginalised, peacemaker and a woman of legendary hospitality. These values form the foundation of our teaching and hope to instill in our students each day. St Brigid is the quintessential role model, a trailblazer for female leadership who inspired in a patriarchal and hierarchical world. Recognised as an icon of strength and leadership, she challenged and transcended traditional gender roles of her era. Her compassion towards all living creatures shows her respect for all of creation and her life still resonates with many issues that confront and challenge us all to this day.

At lunchtime, students and staff were invited to ‘pause for peace’, which calls on people around the world to stop for one minute’s silence and reflection. We did this by uniting to form a Brigid’s Cross, a symbol which adorns our College walls. Traditionally, making Brigid’s Crosses are one of the many customs and traditions that continue to keep her memory alive. St Brigid has left an inspiring legacy through the values she stood for in her day.

Today, we harness St Brigid’s tremendous strength and compassion. We are also inspired by the courageous Brigidine Sisters who are instruments of peace and continue to bring hope to others – particularly fitting for our College theme this year, Hope: Bringing a sense of purpose.