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Enrichment Workshops

In consultation with the Learning Leaders of Science and English we are very excited to have begun a series of workshops for students in Years 8 and 9 to extend and enrich their academic learning. The workshops were designed to inspire creativity and encourage students to think about problems that require higher order thinking skills. Students were chosen from their applications and will participate in a further six, two-hour workshops.

The Year 8 Science Workshops, facilitated by Allen Dickson are for students who enjoy Science classes, demonstrate natural curiosity and love to problem solve. Together, they will work to develop an entry for the 2022 Science Talent Search.

The Year 9 English Workshops, facilitated by Deb Greaves are for those who enjoy English classes, have a love of reading and would relish the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded peers to extend their knowledge and skills in this area. Workshop topics will be co-designed by students to provide opportunity for student voice and student agency.