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Earth Hour

In recognition of Earth Hour tomorrow, our College signed up to switch off for Earth Hour – schools edition! The global theme this year is to take #TimeOutForNature. Collectively, we need to take action as our environment continues to suffer. We need to pause, reflect on what nature provides us all and do our bit to protect and restore what’s been lost. At the College, our Year 12 Sustainability Leaders, Mary and Yuhan and their team, under the guidance of Dr Sarah Avitabile, called upon each class via video to consider an action to raise awareness and assist in making a difference. Through either going outside for their Period 5 class, talking about climate change or turning off all devices for the duration of the period, these small steps add up! Our students are the ones who are revolutionising and shaping our world, the changemakers of tomorrow. As a College Community, let’s all continue our students’ good work and switch off tomorrow in our homes (our Tower lights will be switched off) from 8.30pm to 9.30pm (and beyond!).