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Earth Day

Today we recognise Earth Day. A day that serves as a powerful reminder of our planet’s fragility and our urgent need to protect it. It is our collective responsibility to ensure it’s wellbeing and highlighted in our daily prayer today, ‘may we be united worldwide to understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of all living beings’.

Earth Day is timely after our successful day last Friday. The Year 9 Environmental Science class and the Environmental Action leaders participated in the ‘Planting the Seed’ project at the Mentone Foreshore. Collaborating with ecologists from Ecology and Restoration Australia and the Kingston Council Foreshore Crew, the team planted 650 native plant seedlings, aiming to rejuvenate a deteriorated section of council-owned land. We will be monitoring the site into the future in the hope of seeing the plants grow, contributing to the restoration of our local ecosystem.

Also, on the last day of Term 1, the Environmental Action leaders took action for Earth Hour by creating a chalk mural. During recess students were encouraged to draw an outline of their hand around the Earth to show their support and raise awareness for the global “no-power hour” which fell the following week. Power-less Period Five was also encouraged whereby teachers led their classes without artificial light, air conditioning, laptops or projectors. It’s through all actions like these, that we can make significant changes.