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College Vestments

At our St Patrick’s Day celebrations last Friday, it was most fitting that our new Brigidine vestments were blessed by Father Peter during Mass. It took a team of dedicated staff, both current and past to bring these new vestments to life. Coordinated by Ms Carole Downie, the idea was initially taken to Ms Caaren Hulme and Ms Bernadette Clark, who with their incredible textiles skills can turn any design into something beautiful and wearable. With creators organised, suitable materials to work with needed to be sourced. We already had a beautiful lectern cover which was embroidered with the Brigidine cross, which could be replicated for the front of the Chasable. However, we still needed a design for the stole and the back of the Chasable. Carole approached Art Teacher, Ms Sonya Hood, who cleverly drew and designed beautiful oak leaves and acorns, which were brought to life on the garments. This truly was a collaborative project by staff and we thank everyone involved for their time and dedication in bringing this idea into life! We look forward to seeing these garments worn during significant celebrations and milestones at the College for many years to come!