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Collective Shout

Last Tuesday, Melinda Tankard Reist and Daniel Principe from Collective Shout delivered an informative and inspiring presentation to our Year 9 students. In a thought-provoking session, Melinda and Daniel unpacked the toxic landscape that our young people are growing up in. They examined the harmful cultural messages found in pop culture, advertising, social media and porn culture and shared research on how this effects mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Most importantly. discussions took place on how to resist these messages, challenge them and set boundaries! We want our young people to feel empowered and the message back to Collective Shout during this session was that they felt “validated and heard”. We thank Year 9 Level Leader: Kara-Lee Rabbetts for organising such an important morning and to our Year 9 students for listening so diligently and being commended by the speakers for being “brave and insightful”.