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Class of 1982

40 Year Reunion

Recently our Class of 1982 gathered at the College to celebrate their 40 Year Reunion. For some of these pupils, it was the first time returning to the College since they stepped out of the gates some time ago. Organised by Lisa Harris (née Brinkley) and hosted by the Past Pupils’ Network Committee, this reunion provided a wonderful opportunity to share a laugh and reconnect. The room was abuzz with chatter as stories were told to former classmates and past staff including Roger Wander and Patsy Riordan.

We thank committee member and staff member, Damian Smith (married to a member of the class, Kerrin Kelly) who provided memorabilia to share. Guest, Kate Julian (née McDonnell) particularly enjoyed the presence of current students – “Two lovely students in uniform (not much green there) accompanied us on a guided tour of the school to show us the changes that had taken place over 40 years, which was a sight to behold.”

We look forward to gathering with this group again for future reunions.

Katie Julian (née McDonnell)
Class of 1982