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Class of 1962 Reunion – 61 Year Reunion

On Saturday 18 November we, a group of past pupils met for lunch as we have done for nearly 20 years. We were students who left Kilbreda between the years of 1959 and 1962. Some of us commenced school at Kilbreda in 1950 and others came in subsequent years.

This year was particularly exciting because we enjoyed lunch at Just Italy, the restaurant onthe area we called “The Island”. When we were students at Kilbreda, never in our wildest dreams would we have thought of dining in that place. “The Island” was always there but as the building seemed extremely old and the business conducted in the premises involved real estate, we were not tempted to venture across the road. Cake shops were foremost in our mind at that time!

In 2023 we enjoyed lunch and each other’s company as we looked across at the building we knew so well from our school days. It was agreed that when we were at school, Mother Margaret Mary would not have approved of a grassed area in front of Kilbreda where people ate and drank in public. Times have changed however, and it is wonderful to see people enjoying this space. Mother Margaret Mary moved with the times, as we well know. Perhaps we can then conclude that she would view these changes in a positive light and quietly make a statement to support her view.

Before lunch we met at the new railway station and then visited Kilbreda. Denise Leonard arranged our visit. We are so fortunate to have Denise as part of our year level and we thank her for organising the times we come together. Denise pointed out the features that were hidden behind the room that was the Chapel when we were at school. This was originally the Ballroom of the Coffee Palace. These include a brick archway and beautiful wooden floorboards. Only one floorboard was damaged and could not be re used. All the others are now visible and look very beautiful.

We all marvelled at the fact that the Chapel we knew so well began life as a Ballroom. We also saw the harp that is on display. This was brought from Ireland by the first Brigidines. It is also really beautiful. Nearby is a display of heritage artefacts and pictures. In this space all the changes of uniform can be viewed. Needless to say, we enjoyed looking at and discussing everything on display.

Even though we all have personal and family situations requiring ongoing attention, we really enjoy coming together, reminiscing about all we did many years ago and exchanging ideas about what is happening in our world. We care about each other, laugh together and always look forward to our next luncheon.

Mauricette Hamilton (née Duffy)