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Recently the Year 9 students took part in BRIDGES Week as part of their BRIDGES to Country Unit. Throughout the program, they engaged in a three-day camp, a day in the City of Melbourne and a day at the College. The purpose of the week was to offer students an immersive learning experience about the First Nations Peoples of Australia.

At Camp Jungai the group experienced cultural sessions, canoeing, High Ropes, nature art, Indigenous games, bush dancing and walks, where they learnt about history and traditional bush medicine. Emma G reflected on her time at camp – “We spent time with Aunty, who shared her knowledge from teaching us how to make soap from leaves and the plants that could be used to treat stomach aches. Aunty’s lessons were incredibly enjoyable.” The camp activities saw students continuing to further develop skills in the BRIDGES areas of Building Resilience, Independence, Dependability, Generosity, Excellence and Self-esteem, with the chance to interact with peers outside their core friendship groups.

During their day at the College, students’ learning was linked to their faith through activities such as a collective art installation and a video from former AFL player, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti.

Their final day saw them exploring Melbourne where they enjoyed the Birrarung Wilam Walk with Koorie Heritage Trust, an educational journey along the Yarra River to gain a deeper understanding of its significance as a sacred gathering place for Indigenous tribes. They also visited the ‘Little Lon’ and First Nations exhibitions at the Melbourne Museum.