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ASPIRE Assembly

Yesterday our Year 11 and Year 12 students began their day with an ‘Aspire Assembly’. The purpose of the assembly was to unpack the College value of ‘Compassion’, discuss the skills and mindset required of senior school students and to encourage students to adopt a growth mindset, maintain balance and to look for opportunities to network.

A highlight of the day was welcoming back a number of past pupils from the Class of 2021 who shared their experiences in terms of academic, social and emotional wellbeing during the assembly and sessions afterwards. There were presentations on ‘Planning for Life beyond Kilbreda’ by 2021 College Co-Captain, Laura Mitchell and ‘Flourishing at School’ by our 2021 Proxime Accessit, Skye-Zhu Maguire and many more facilitated by other past pupils and staff. Our seniors are now equipped with many practical tips and advice to implement this year and the tools to help them navigate difficult situations, all skills that they can utilise in these incredibly important years.