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ANZAC Day Ceremonies

Yesterday, we were delighted to have such a large group of students represent the College for the ANZAC Day March to the Mentone RSL. We thank students and their families for taking the time to honour our incredible servicemen and women who have given so selflessly of themselves during wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations and still continue to today. We particularly acknowledge, College-Co -Captain, Sienna Koop for her moving rendition of the Australian National Anthem, which she performed for everyone who had gathered from surrounding communities.

With students returning to the College today, we held our College ANZAC Day ceremony. Our Year 7 students joined us so reverently at our Flagpole, whilst our other year levels shared the experience in their Homerooms. As we reflected whilst ‘Flanders Fields’ played and students ‘planted’ their Poppies in the lawn, we again acknowledged sacrifice and the gift of peace, love and freedom. Thank you to all staff and students involved.