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3X State Champions

The determination and positive attitude displayed by both Intermediate teams at the recent 3X Basketball Victoria State Championships was astounding! Team A – Jas P, Olivia M, Ella W and Bianca SJ were undefeated during the qualifiers and were touted as one of the top teams. They lived up to expectations and delivered exceptional basketball. Their individual and team defence was unmatched and their selfless play on offense made them almost unstoppable! They secured a comfortable 17-12 victory over Templestowe College, earning them the well-deserved title of 3X Division 1 State Champions! Team B – Olivia S, Olivia R, Lucy C and Alicia V, had a strong start to their day with consistent outside shooting. Their grand final match against Christian College, Geelong, proved to be an intense battle, with the lead changing multiple times. Their smart play kept the scores tight and the game was so close that it went into overtime! Despite a thrilling performance, they were narrowly defeated by just one point, securing another incredible title, 3X Division 2 State Runners-Up. These outstanding results serve as a testament to the conduct and sensational skills displayed by our two teams who demonstrated sportsmanship, perseverance and teamwork.