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Class of 1992

30 Year Reunion

5 November was surely one to remember, as the Class of 1992 returned to Kilbreda College to celebrate their 30 Year Reunion.

I arrived at Kilbreda a little earlier with some friends to help set up. We added pictures to the amazing photo board Mr Smith (Damian) had arranged, showing all our class photos from Years 7 to 12. This provided a great source of interest for everyone checking out what we looked like and discussing what everyone was doing now. Damian was incredible and we marvelled how he could remember all the names of the students he taught.

Lisa was wonderful, serving bubbles as the ladies arrived. It was extra special as Lisa’s sister, Rebecca, was in our year level, however unable to join us on the day. Andrea was also welcoming everyone, handing out name tags as the Class of 92 arrived. It was such a heart-warming experience to see faces we hadn’t seen for such a long time come through the door.

The reunion provided us a deep sense of connection, the friendships we made along the way that helped shape us and the teachers that encouraged and supported us. It was like stepping back in time, with Denise (Mrs Leonard) there to warmly greet us. Everyone was very excited to see Denise, our beloved Year 7 Coordinator.

Denise gave us an incredible tour of the College, along with two lovely Student Ambassadors. We admired the girl’s school uniform, which was so very different to our green and brown. We were all amazed at the new wonderful facilities Kilbreda has. The Reunion was held in the Year 9 area (Kildare Centre). It was a modern, wonderful, light space. We then later explored the Auditorium, which was amazing and the expanded Library and other additional buildings.

We saw several changes such as our old Year 12 ‘Common Room’, which had become a locker room. We discussed how we spent our ‘free’ periods, sorry ‘study’ periods, studying, chatting and often laughing our way through the turbulent and stressful time of Year 12.

We then headed down to the old Chapel with bubbles in hand, discussing the seriousness of entering the Chapel, however this area too had changed and served as a large open space.

It was a wonderful experience, old friends being together again. Some had travelled far and wide to attend the reunion from states such as QLD and regional Victoria. It was an amazing experience to have us all together. As Alison remarked, ‘it’s like no time has passed, it’s been 30 years but its like we’ve been best friends forever’. The reunion continued afterwards at a venue nearby. We had a truly momentous day and night to remember.

On reflection, I mused how much fun we had at our reunion, how we laughed and simply enjoyed being together. I will always appreciate the friendships we made at Kilbreda that have lasted and continued to this day. A very big thankyou to Kilbreda and the Past Pupils’ Network Committee for hosting such a fabulous reunion.

Samantha Harris
Class of 1992