Bin Signage

12 October

The issue of incorrect rubbish disposal has been brought to our attention. We have looked into websites such as the Kingston Council that inform us on which bins we can dispose our rubbish in correctly. We were surprised with some of the results so we felt that this was even more of a necessary issue to resolve. We are working with the Kilbreda Development Office to design and create posters to stick on our bins and around the schoolyards.

The first thing we did was to look through each bin individually – the landfill, recycling and organics and discovered our school’s confusion with the appropriate bins to dispose rubbish in. We took photos of things we found in the bins that should not have been there and where they should go. We found that in the recycling bin, ¾ of the contents should have been put in the landfill bin! We have also collected images of common items people are bringing to school or that you can buy from the canteen to include on the posters.

These posters will clearly display what waste can be put in which bin. We hope that through these posters, we can educate the students at Kilbreda and that they can be successful in resolving the rubbish disposal issue in our school.

4 November

Our group is now nearing the end of our project. As a group, we have collectively come up with a design for the signage for the bins, after long discussions and trial and error. We used Canva to create a base design for what we wanted our signs to look like. We took into consideration colours, fonts and pictures.

To start the design, we wrote down all the things that should go into each bin. Also, what mistakenly gets put in the wrong bin. We then made our design come to life. After finishing the design, we sent our posters to the Development Team at Kilbreda so they could give their expert opinion on them and what we could change to make them better. Our group is now taking making some tweaks to our posters so they can be the best they can be. Once we have our final design, we will print them and put them on our school bins.